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Hot Press Series-MHD38410×240

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One machine with four functions
1. Cold press for single or piled up flat panel covering(Max. 400mm);
2. Hot press for the composition or covering of solid doors, flush doors and panels;
3. Press to cover the routed panels by PVC foil;
4. Double membrane press to cover two sides raised panel with veneer or decorative paper.

MODEL MHD38410x240
Press Platen Size 3100×1300mm
Max. Pressing Force 240t
Max. Pressure 255kg/cm2
Max. Platen Open Φ100mm×12pcs
Oil Cylinder 420mm
Max Pressing. Size 2990×1190mm
One-side Cladding Size 2900×1100mm
Double-side Cladding Size 2950×1150mm
Hydraulic Motor Power 5.5kw
Heating Oil Pump Power 2.2kw
Heating Pipe Power 36kw
Overall Dimensions 450×160×250cm
Net Weight 8000kg
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